Thursday, November 1, 2007

down with the sickness

the occupational hazard that looms largest for teachers is cold and flu season. you're surrounded by hundreds of squirming, screaming things, all of which revel in filth (well, the male ones at any rate). i've managed to dodge the sickness bullet until today, which is way, way longer than normal (every other year i've collapsed sick the moment i step on campus). so i'm sick, and i got soup for lunch from the chinese place down the street. it was delicious. and then the fortune cookie said "your health will be your wealth," and i was like: well, shit.

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Spencer Carnage said...

the last fortune I got said "children will play a big part in your future." I had FINALLY wised up and decided that sleeping with my ex was a bad idea the week before. When I saw that, I was deathly afraid that I was going to receive a call in the next month or so, regarding a missed period and positive test results. That was two months. Thank god I dodged that fucking bullet.