Sunday, September 16, 2007

cobwebs, dust, etc.

i just heard a hum song on a cadillac commercial, starring that guy from "the ring." weird.

i kind of can't believe that my last post was in may. i managed to go the ENTIRE summer without posting anything. truth be told, i kind of hit a funk this summer; i holed up and played a shit-ton of video games (including a lot of "lego star wars" with deidre, a game i highly suggest everyone play with their significant other because the co-op play makes you work through a lot of relationship shit while playing), which, normally, i rarely do, and occupied myself with reading comics and not leaving the house. but everything's going pretty good still. i got a new job at a new school that pays... twenty thousand dollars more a year than my last gig. yeah. i almost crashed my car when i drove away from signing the contract. it's a pretty cool place, too. all the other teachers i've met are cool, and i get to work with my friends aaron and lexie, which is also very cool, but the principal and i don't really understand one another. it's not that i dislike her, or that she dislikes me (although she very well may dislike me, let's not be presumptuous, right?), but it's that almost every conversation we have is utterly confusing. we NEVER get off on the right foot. every single interaction we have tends to be under "perfect storm" circumstances, and, like, NOTHING goes quite as it should. so i have this feeling that i may not be asked back nexy year, which sucks because of how much money it pays, but in the end i'd rather teach somewhere i feel comfortable and that gets me. because i'm hella complicated.

music: the new animal "too cool"-ective is "meh," the new liars is "meh," i like maritime, i like old al green, and i'm pretty sure i heard some other stuff that i liked but i can't really remember it right now.

movies: superbad wasn't as amazing as i'd hoped, but it was a lot of fun

comics: dude, what the fuck is DC doing to itself? countdown is ass-chunks. world war hulk is a billion times better than civil war was, and i think the new avengers is kind of falling apart. i like bendis, but man. it's fucking time to finish all this stupid avengers disassembled shit and get somewhere else. they keep talking about how the marvel universe needs change, and i agree, but it feels like these stories that are causing the changes are going on too goddamn long. the fact that they keep saying the whole m-day storyline will be resolved finally or whateever, it's just... marvel, you guys are good. really good. so just fucking stop it, already. stop it.

anyways, if spencer is blogging again, and i'm blogging again, then maybe all is really right with the world. i mean, except for the whole iraq thing, and the housing market thing, and the irreparable damage caused by the bush administration thing. and the global warming thing. and the end times thing.


Spencer Carnage said...

Hey, you blogged!

I've been listening to the new Every Time I Die. Its party metal. You might like it. Mostly, I've been pulling out the old shit. Lots of Slayer and Sabbath. Plus, there's this emo-kitty-crybaby-violence band called Ampere which is fucking amazing. Short, fast and sometimes all sad. Just saying away from the wuss rock. But tuesday that dude from Broken Social Scene has a solo album out so that just might suck me back in.

Superbad was awesome. You're just jealous because Los Gatos high was not as forgiving to a nerd like you.

Totally feel you on the new avengers. It was pretty good after CW but its time to move on. As for DC, that's your own fault for reading that crap.

And congrats on the new job. That means Fernet shots are on you next time I come up, right? Right.

pachoob said...

dude, 52 is pretty good so far. i won't lie. and vertigo shit is (almost) always good, wildstorm shit is fun, all their other imprints are good... so you'd figure that they'd be able to figure that shit out.

but what's funny is marvel's vertigo-ish MAX imprint is pretty much booty. although ennis' punisher is all right. OH, and i like mike carey's xmen stuff pretty good.

kira said...

welcome back, buddy.
the blogosphere was a little lonelier without you.
also, i was disappointed by 'superbad' too. i want to set michael cera on dates with my friends, but i ended up just wanting jonah hill to shut up. too much shouting.
i have nothing to say about the comics you're reading.