Monday, September 17, 2007


as in, i totally munched it on my bike last night. i rear-ended mike, the other guitar player in touch committee, going full fucking speed and let me tell you: this fat man FLEW. when i hit i basically elbowed myself in the ribs, so they're either bruised or cracked a bit, but other than that i'm pretty much okey dokey. it was kind of scary when it first happened, but no traumatic brain injury no foul i suppose.

i have been reading the entire ultimate spiderman run after never having read any of it. i just hit issue 51 and i have to say that my support of bendis is wavering. i think he's done some great stuff, but i think that great stuff tends to be finite things: avengers: disassembled, the illuminati stuff, secret war, that kind of stuff. but having an infinite sandbox to play in... i dunno. he gets the characters, for sure, but it's just so... so... drawn out. i mean, 50 issues in and there's been like 4 story arcs. i can blow through them and nothing really happens. i'm all for decompression in comics -- and i don't think that's the argument i'm trying to make, anyways -- but bagely's art is "meh" at best (i seriously have no idea how he's gotten the props he has) and the payoffs, in my mind anyways, simply DON'T.

but maybe the rest of this shit will blow my mind. and, frankly, maybe it's the art, because i've read some stuart immonnen stuff and loved it.


Jason said...

See I liked Ult. Spidey up until about issue fitty. that's when Bendis settled into te pattern of: Introduce "old Marvel" character to the Ult four issues...fight one one more issue...rinse...repeat.

Anyhoo, Countdown is sucking the life out of the DCU, but at least the fringe books are still rockin' (Checkmate, Spirit, and, WTF! new Hitman this week).

Plus Cassanova is the balls.

Congrats on the new job

pachoob said...

DUDE, that is TOTALLY what bendis started doing! and, like, every new issue, too! ultimate moon knight? fucking really? when he turned into ultimate ronin, i wanted to give up. but i made it from issue 1 to 108, and it's a solid book for sure.

does that mean you like casanova or hate it? i don't really understand it... like, ever. i don't think i like matt fraction (but iron fist is fucking amazing).

Jason said...

Oh, I loves me the Casanova. The first 7 issues were tough to get into month-to-month, but I love the collection. The first two issues of the new arc are out right now and I'd recommend picking them up (only $4 for both!).

I've always liked Fraction's stuff, and yeah, Iron Fist is where it's at.

I stopped reading Ult. Spidey around the whole Moon Knight debacle. I'm waiting on the Clone TPB from the Library, so I'll give it another chance.

pachoob said...

i actually liked the clone saga pretty good. there was some silly shit in there, but it was pretty affecting and made me a little misty-eyed. but i'll cry while reading the family circus, so, you know... there's that.