Thursday, May 3, 2007

i don't understand

i really, really don't get it. i mean, i have a lot of ideas. every day i have ideas. all kinds of them. the other day i had this idea about jetpacks. that was a cool idea. yesterday i had an idea that i should make a joke about my girlfriend's weight. that was a bad idea. some ideas are good, some ideas are bad. the trick, as i found out when i had the idea to dive for a softball, even though i had no idea how to properly dive and ended up breaking my collarbone, is to not follow up on the bad ones.

it seems like marvel has a lot of ideas, too. and they should, too, because they've got some really creative people working there. the problem with marvel, it seems, is that they'll just take any idea and run with it, whether or not it's good or bad. i mean, how else do you explain this? how did marvel get to this? don't they understand that the continuity of this whole civil war thing, although potentially cool, is falling dead on the floor?

they really should have done what DC did with 52: PLAN THE FUCKING THING OUT BEFORE STARTING TO PUBLISH.

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Jason said...

My head hurts so, so bad after looking at that. How is Patriot punching Hawkeye (is that still her name?) and then, the next page, running away with her? I realize that maybe the word balloons will sort this out, but c'mon, JR Jr. can tell just about any story in his sleep w/o any words.

Also, if they clone Cap and have him be some psycho robot like Clor, well, I'm done. D-O-N-E.