Sunday, May 13, 2007


so hung over. i haven't left my bed all day. it's been fantastic.


Spencer Carnage said...

What was the occassion? did the biggun finally move out?

pachoob said...

no, unfortunately she won't be leaving until exactly when i'm moving out. dammit.

the occasion was saturday night, essentially. i went out late and decided to make up for lost time, which resulted in me not leaving my bed until it was time for the sopranos. i read a fuckload of comics, though.

Spencer Carnage said...

were you doing the fernet? that stuff is brutal. saturday night, me and sparky chicken fought in my friend's backyard in hollywood. he hit his head HARD. it was the vocals and drums vs the guitarists. vocals and drums lost, but we managed to clear out the whole party. it was great.

do you sometimes miss me?

pachoob said...
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pachoob said...

why yes, fernet did in fact play a large part in my hangover.

every moment of every day, baby.

dee dee and i got a place (i think) on 6th and fulton. i'm stoked. you can crash whenever youse wants, yo.

Spencer Carnage said...

Sweet! I have no idea where sixth and fulton is. Is that closer to downtown? The castro? where?

We're sitting down with the band and starting top discuss out of town dates. Little weekend jaunts. You guys playing in weekend shows we could hop in, in July?