Wednesday, May 2, 2007


1) spencer is crazy.

2) yesterday in my desk at home i found a $30 gift certificate for a comic shop. i had completely forgotten about the thing, and it was a great way to start the week out. last night i burned it all (plus 15 bucks), and got some great shit:

girls, vol 1: conception

MAN. i was so into this thing i ran to the computer and downloaded them all so i could find out how the fucking thing ended (and rest assured i'll be buying all the trades cuz it's awesome). a while ago i had somehow stumbled across the penultimate issue of this series and was completely fucking confused by these identical naked girls hatching from eggs and running around, beating up women tied to poles, and then said naked girls having their heads chopped off with hatchets. but after reading the first trade, it all made a lot more sense. well, as much sense as something like that can make. despite the last couple issues sagging and dragging, worth reading for the giant homicidal sperm alone.

agents of atlas hardcover.

i haven't read the whole shebang yet (because of that fucking creepy giant sperm thing from girls that i got hooked on) but i was pretty into what i got through last night. the art was better than i expected from the covers, and the dialog was snappy. snappy. i just said the dialog was snappy. i think i deserve being hit for that.

i looked everywhere for the new issue of iron fist. the fuckers at that store file shit confusingly, to say the least.

NEW TOPIC: is it poor form to read comics at the store when you're on the fence about them? like, is it ok to go expressly with the intention of getting the stuff you want, but then spend another hour reading other books out of curiosity/disdain? just wondering.


Jason said...

I have the first two Girls trades, but I was kinda "eh" toward them. I think I'll have to see if I can find the last two half-price at a con.

I plan on getting Agents of Atlas some time in the future, I've heard too much good press about that book.

As for reading comics in the shop, since I've been visiting the same shop, almost weekly for over to 15 years, they really don't care what I do since they know they're getting cash outta me no matter what. I say it's fine to read the comics in the shop, as long as you're legitimately thinking about buying it. Or, it's a Civil War comic, and you need to read it in order to make fun of it on the web, but you don't want to give them your money.

pachoob said...

girls isn't the best thing ever, and there was a LOT of dragging during the last third of it (the "character development" parts of the book was spotty at best), but the imagery was infectious for me; i couldn't stop thinking about the creepy naked brain-punching-out clone girls. it was potent stuff. i give it like a solid B. it would have an A- except that the end was kind of a cop-out.

"agents of atlas" was a little talky for me, but it pulled off a much better non-ending ending than "girls" did, and the art was fucking great.

best comic for my money right now is "iron fist," hands down. after reading issue 4 i wanted to go punch through the zoo walls and attack a polar bear. which, if you didn't know, is a measure of quality dating back to roman times.

i've decided that i don't care what the comic book fuckers think of me while reading stuff in their store. sometimes i just gotta waste an hour. even if i don't buy anything, at least it's a body in their store, you know? and chances are i'll buy SOMETHING, mostly because i'm retarded with money.

Spencer Carnage said...

Girls? Really? You probably own all those Extreme studios Babewatch covers, don't you. s'okay, player. I have a Howard Chaykin comic with a she-male action going on. Still mad at my comic shop for recommending that one.

And read away. You bought Iron Fist so you are redeemed for your browsing ways.